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Steps of Honor

rebecca Liming

Army National Guard

Ohio Private E1 to Specialist E4
Personal Clerk

Army (Active Duty)

Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant
Transportation officer

Army Reserves




Army Achievement metal 

Army Commendation Metal

Airborne Qualified

Expert Rifleman

I enlisted in the army when I was 17 years old; in fact, my parents had to sign for me since I was not 18 yet. I attended college while in the national guard, and after graduation, went on active duty. After my 3 years of active duty, I began teaching in Florida while still in the Reserves. in 1991, I went into the IRR and was inactive until finally resigned my commission in 1996

Some of my most memorable experiences include:

Desert training exercise in California (30 days without shower) 

Parachuting out of airplanes (Full combat gear and night jumps)

Firing 50-caliber and M60 machine guns

The gas chamber(makes your eyes water, nose run, and stomach come up)

Survival training(Being very hungry, extremely exhausted, and having nowhere to use the restroom (except on the big tree in the woods)

The camaraderie among fellow solders and patriotism for this country

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